Changing consumer behaviour and learning from it is one is the most interesting things in Design Research. The introduction of certain products and its adoption over time, allows one to learn of changing behaviours and constantly adopt and innovate for it.

Some of these are completely new behaviours and some add on to their existing behaviours. Time and again there are products that causes a substantial change in behaviour and the way the customer does the tasks.

The financial inclusion space in India is a very interesting space to observe the changing user’s behaviours.

Cash on Delivery, Paytm Wallet, UPI…

I had a great time yesterday taking a session on ‘How to take your Startups to next level with Systems Design & Thinking’ at the byDesign webinar hosted by @TiEDelhi and @qglue_design . Here is a small post on why I believe #SystemsThinking is essential for startups. Below mentioned are the context and and the few key takeaways.

This was first published as a Twitter Thread .

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As we are moving to a more interconnected world, there is a need for us to think of our startups as a continuously evolving system over time.

With access to funding, increase…

Over the years, I have spoken at length on the paradox of choice across the design and leadership lectures I do.

The Paradox of choice is causing havoc in our lives, making us more anxious and less satisfied. Gone are the days when one was satisfied and happy about the simple things in life.

Confession: I have struggled with the paradox of choice every single day. It is not something I am proud of and I am trying my best to declutter or consolidate things to deal with this.

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As we grow in our careers, the number of choices keeps…

Progess report from a project we started in June 2020 to bring affordable and quality healthcare to rural masses in Bihar.

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The upcoming new building that will house the telemedicine center, general opd , surgery and ICU.

A lot of people have been posting their projects on Building in Public. A trend that initiated in the Silicon Valley, and as always progressed to other parts of the world. …

India is at the cusp of a financial revolution and digital products are going to play a huge role in bringing about financial inclusion to the underserved. There is an immense opportunity for anyone interested in creating impacts on a large scale.

Highlighting a few trends, some data, the challenges, and the opportunities, from a talk I did last evening with a group of aspiring UX Designers. The insights are helpful for anyone interested in the designing and building of products in India.

A tea shop in Noida, a city adjacent to Delhi has an IoT enabled soundbox, that calls out the digital payment made via Paytm.
A tea shop in Noida, a city adjacent to Delhi has an IoT enabled soundbox, that calls out the digital payment made via Paytm.
Image Kshitiz Anand, Happy Horizons Studios.

There are three trends that will drive need for better financial products further in India.

Every year around this time, goals and resolutions are on everyone’s mind. Some do it very seriously, some for just social pressure. Sometimes as a way to set targets, sometimes to build better habits.

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Goals could be (and should be) both personal and professional. Quite often, people end up setting up too much professionals goals and spend all their time and energy in trying to achieve it.

It is important that we set some personal goals as well, for it allows us to spend more time with oneself and develop ourselves better.

So I was happy when I read Vikrama…

As we draw to the close of 2020, it’s time we make reflections a regular habit.

I think all companies should make 31st December a mandatory day of self reflection, on the year gone by. Can we allow employees to take a pause from day to day activities and spend time on oneself.

Photo by Pepe Reyes on Unsplash

The act of reflection is a powerful tool for self understanding. In almost every self development practice, we hear on the importance of it.

Reflect on moments spent with near and dear ones, the wins and losses, the joys and sorrows, the challenges faced, the lessons learnt…

Any rebranding exercise of a well recognised company that goes public, comes with its share of criticism.This one will have its share too. There have also been instances of brands being forced to go back to the older design, because it did not go well with its different stakeholders.

Being a public company these days, and a key player in the India’s startup ecosystem is not easy. Every move is subject to public scrutiny and the customers will always have an opinion on everything.

Read more about how GAP, the clothing company changed its logo back after online backlash.


When I started my design career back in 2005, we used Powerpoint extensively to do wireframes and sometimes even Visual Design! Today, there is a whole lot of tools for just about every stage of the Design process.

Photo by Amélie Mourichon on Unsplash

In the past 15 years of my Design career, I have seen many tools come and go. A lot have gone extinct, and a lot have evolved. Some have found their niche and continue to build on that. Speak to any designer, and all would have their favourite tools.

Just take the example of Wireframing and Prototyping. I have used Powerpoint, Visio, Illustrator, Axure, Balsamiq, Sketch, Invision, Figma. So have literally seen the entire landscape.

The new generation of tools rely heavily on collaboration, asset libraries and the ability to access the designs anywhere and across any platform. …

People playing Ludo King, post offices hours in the streets of Samastipur, a tier 3 town in Bihar.

The Ludo King (and similar Ludo games) is a huge hit amongst the Next Billion Users (NBU).

The app Ludo King has 18.9 crore monthly active users and 5.1 crore daily active users (May 2020). This is phenomenal going by the DAU data for any product in India.

The Ludo Kings have found their kingdoms on the streets, on the roads, and in public transport, for them enjoying it is no longer confined by space, or the need to carry a separate physical entity and there is no longer the fear of the dice or a coin missing, thereby reducing…

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